Climate Fast New Jersey November 7 - 21, 2018

A Call to Action:
Join the New Jersey Fast for No New Fossil Fuel Infrastructure
November 7-21, 2018

The world, our country and our state are in a very deep hole as far as the civilizational crisis of global climate disruption. As this month’s report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change emphasizes, a primary driver of our rapidly deteriorating climate is the continued extraction and burning of fossil fuels.

 What we are calling for:  Governor Murphy will announce that the State of New Jersey is declaring A MORATORIUM on all new fossil fuel infrastructure. Henceforth, the policy of New Jersey will be that no new oil or gas pipelines will be built in the state: no new gas compressor stations will be built and no expansion of existing ones will occur; no new gas-fired power plants will be built; nothing which deepens the climate hole we are already in will be constructed in the state of New Jersey.

 On November 7th, beginning right after the November 6th election, a water-only fast opposing any new fossil fuel infrastructure in New Jersey will be undertaken in Trenton and elsewhere around the state. Please join us, either in Trenton or at home, work, or elsewhere. You can sign up here. For some participants, the fast will last for as long as two weeks. It will be conducted primarily outside the offices of Governor Phil Murphy in Trenton.

 Those taking part in this action, whether for one day or 14 days, whether in Trenton or elsewhere, will be doing so in support of this call for an immediate moratorium. Governor Murphy needs to announce that the state of New Jersey will give leadership to the nation by declaring a moratorium on all new fossil fuel infrastructure.

 Air, water and land pollution must be decreased, not increased. Much of our state is rated an “F” for failing air quality by the American Lung Association. We want New Jersey to not only “talk the talk” but “walk the walk” on rapidly reducing greenhouse gas emissions. We want to see a dramatic increase in new jobs in the solar, wind and other renewable industries and in energy efficiency.

 Sign-up Here - to fast, to support, to rally  

 The Indian independence leader Mohandas Gandhi once said, “fasting is the sincerest form of prayer.” For some of those who take part, it will be just that: an urgent prayer for our Mother Earth, its people and all of its life forms. For all taking part, we will be doing so in the fervent hope that Governor Murphy will acknowledge that it is unconscionable, not to mention impossible, to have a goal of fighting climate change and achieving 100% renewable energy in the state within 32 years at the same time as expanding new fossil fuel infrastructure which could last for 40 years or more. This is a contradiction that cannot be accepted.

You can learn more about fasting by going to this link.

You can learn more about why we are taking this action at this link and about currently proposed new fossil fuel infrastructure for New Jersey that we are opposing at this link.

 And you can help spread the word by going to and sharing this Facebook posting.

 For health, safety and a stable climate, 

Jane Califf, Bloomfield Citizens Solar Campaign
Ken Dolsky, Organizer, Don’t Gas the Meadowlands Coalition and Coalition Against the Pilgrim Pipeline
Carol E. Gay, President, NJ State Industrial Union Council
Ted Glick, Roseland Against the Compressor Station
Suzanne Golas, csjp, Director, WATERSPIRIT
Matt Smith, Senior Organizer, Food and Water Watch
Paula Rogovin, Coalition to Ban Unsafe Oil Trains
Harriett Shugarman, Executive Director, Climate Mama, Climate Reality Project Mentor and Leader
Jerome Wagner, 350NJ-Rockland
Central Jersey Coalition Against Endless War
Coalition to Ban Unsafe Oil Trains
Food and Water Watch
People Over Pipelines
Occupy Bergen County
Central Jersey Enviromental Defenders
Stepping Stones Resources, Inc.
Lower Raritan Watershed Partners
Bergen County Green Party

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