Say No to NESE!

What is the NESE Pipeline?

The Williams Transco Northeast Supply Enhancement Project (NESE Project), is a proposed methane gas pipeline that will cut through New Jersey and rip apart the Raritan Bay and Lower New York Bay to bring methane gas to New York, which studies show is not needed. The impacts from the 23.4 miles offshore section of the project, called the Raritan Loop, will have significant adverse effects on the surrounding environment, as well as on the economic potentialities of the communities that live, work, and recreate on the Raritan Bay.

Why should you care?

NESE will pollute the Bay and Ocean by:

°         Re-suspending over 1,091,000 tons of contaminated toxin-laden muck through dredging which will suffocate fish eggs and larvae, clam and oyster beds, and make pollution available to the food chain.

°         Disrupting  over 14,000 acres of Raritan/Lower New York Bays into the ocean off the Rockaways.

°         Sieve over 3.5 Million gallons of seawater destroying any living thing in the process.

°         Release of 690,000 gallons of drilling fluid into waterways and discharging of untold biocides, and other chemicals – contaminating the food-chain.

°         Impact over 41 acres of wetlands.

NESE will impact fishing and clammers:

°         Development of the pipeline will cause loud sounds and powerful vibrations scaring fish and mammals from the region.

°         Sounds and vibrations from development can damage tissues of marine life causing death.  

NESE will increase climate change:

°         The development of a new natural gas pipeline will result in a continued reliance on climate altering fossil fuels.

°         The impacts of climate change are real and already being felt in New Jersey and New York.

°         Numerous scientific evidence indicates that we must rapidly decarbonize and the development of this project would be a colossal step backwards.

°         There is nothing clean about natural gas – from extraction to burning natural gas is environmentally catastrophic.

NESE will continue to increase the amount of Hydraulic Fracturing:

°         The pipeline will carry natural gas that has been extracted using the controversial process of hydraulic fracturing, or fracking.

°         Companies are currently attempting to import frack waste into New Jersey!

°         Waste water from fracking is full of harmful chemical additives like benzene and elevated levels of naturally occurring contaminants like barium and arsenic and will threaten the drinking water of our state.

°         A recent study from Pennsylvania found evidence of chemical contamination in the shells of freshwater mussels even years after the industry had stopped dumping waste in nearby waterways.

Bait and Switch:   NESE could lead to Offshore Liquifed Natual Gas Export Facility:

°         This pipeline would fast track an offshore liquefied natural gas (LNG) export facility that were thwarted a few years ago.

°         Jump-start a new LNG export operation.

°         LNG tankers pose grave risks to the metropolitan region through explosions and security risks.

°         An export facility will cause massive increase in hydro-fracking in the northeast and all the harm and pollution that goes along with it.


 All this just to transport of nearly 400 million cubic feet of methane gas each day to NY which studies prove is not needed.


Here are some links to sign a petition or send a letter against the NESE Pipeline:

Thank you for your continued advocacy and prayers for water and the Care for Creation! Say No to NESE!

The Waterspirit Team