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“Rally for the Navesink” Alliance Platform

A project of Clean Ocean Action, Rally for the Navesink is an innovative watershed-based, grassroots, no-blame game citizen action campaign to reduce pollution and improve water quality so it’s safe for clamming, fishing, kayaking, paddle boarding, and all-weather swimming.

A Call to Action: Clean Ocean Action initiated a call for action, Rally for the Navesink, to unite an alliance of groups to restore the Navesink. The alliance includes many long-standing, knowledgeable, and experienced environmental, municipal, state, and academic entities, as well as motivated citizens, and local and state governments, in order to move forward with a comprehensive effort to clean up the river. By coordinating existing citizen programs, embracing new opportunities, and supporting and enhancing governmental efforts, we can create a new paradigm of collaboration to make swift improvements to the Navesink River water quality.

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